Data protection

The information which the applicant has sent to the foundation electronically is saved on our server until the board has made its decision.

The personal information and other data of non-approved applicants will be erased completely. We will also destroy the non-approved applicants hard copies in a reliable manner.

The hard copies of the original applications and their attachments of the successful applicants will be archived. We will also save the successful electronic applications and their attachments on our server. If later on you wish to update your contact information or other data you may send it to annika.nylund (a)

All information in the applications will be treated confidentially and will not be given out to third parties.

We report awarded grants to the taxation authorities each year by 31st of January.

Research grants involving research over a period of four months at a time and exceeding the minimum amount of pension payments will be reported electronically to the LPA (Social Insurance Institution). See